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About Bill Schantz

As Founder & CEO of Mid Atlantic Financial, LLC, Bill Schantz manages a group of innovative enterprises. His first, Senior Settlements, LLC, is still thriving after three decades. One of Senior Settlements’ first transactions was a deal with Bear Stearns that not only was valued at $150 million, but also introduced the Life Settlements platform to Wall Street.

Through the years, Bill Schantz has led his team at Mid Atlantic through many phases of product development, restructuring, and growth. He has also been the driving force behind Structured Life Settlement Investment Funds which have become conservative investments for those investors outside of Wall Street.

Mr. Schantz’ Mid Atlantic Financial has partnered with major law firms, accounting firms, and investment banks, as well as top tier firms such as Deutsche Bank, Deloitte, and Goldman Sachs. MAF acts as an umbrella company for five other financial firms: Harper Financial, Select Policy Group, Roth Right, Bedrock Capital Group, and of course, Senior Settlements.

Bill Schantz served 18 years as district manager for the Independent Order of Foresters where he not only supervised a team of 60 financial sales representatives but also consistently ranked as one of the top 10 salespeople at the company.

Mr. Schantz is a big believer in giving back. He and his wife are involved with many charities such as Wills Eye Hospital, Noelle’s light, Ronald McDonald House, Missionaries of the Poor, and the March of Dimes.