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Home » Blog » Top Mentoring Mistakes to Avoid as a Retiree – William schantz

Top Mentoring Mistakes to Avoid as a Retiree – William schantz

Top Mentoring Mistakes to Avoid as a Retiree - William schantz

Mentoring others after you retire is a great idea. There’s nothing better than putting your experience to the best use by helping others reach their goals faster. However, when it comes to mentoring, there are certain things that you should know to be able to do a sound job with it. In this guide, William schantz takes you through a few mentoring mistakes you must avoid.

Avoiding Mentoring Mistakes – William schantz

When mentoring others, you must consciously avoid these mistakes to effectively help transform lives.

1.     Not Setting Goals

Remember that this isn’t just talking you’re doing. At the end of the day, you are helping someone bridge the gap between where they are and where they want to be. So the most important thing is to set goals. After a detailed discussion with the mentee, you should be able to understand their goals, only after which you can effectively devise a plan.

2.     Not Focusing on Commitment

If you wish to get somewhere in life, it is important to be committed. As a mentor, you have to stress the importance of commitment. Talk to the mentee about how important it is to stay focused and follow through with exactly what you tell them to help them get where they want.

3.     Talking Too Much

As a mentor, it is only understood that you will give them information that is helpful for them. But remember that the most important thing is for you to also let them talk. You will only be able to guide them better when you give them a chance to speak their heart out. William schantz says that this relationship can only be successful when there is a two-way exchange of words instead of just having one person do the talking.

4.     Betraying Confidentiality

The mentee trusts you with personal information about themselves. You must ensure this remains private. Betrayal of trust ruins the relationship and destroys the purpose too. As a mentor, you need to have your mentee’s best interest at heart and must guide them through every step of the process, and you should try to build open communication too.

5.     Being Too Harsh

People will not be able to open up to you when you are too harsh to them. You must be one to understand them fully well and to discuss things openly with them. Remember that giving constructive feedback is one thing, and being harsh to them for mistakes they made is another. William schantz says that you are the one who plays a major role in this relationship.

6.     Knowing Everything

You are human too, and you, too, will make mistakes. If you give off the impression that you have answers to everything, then it can seem too unreal. Your strength lies in your experience and your willingness to work with them.

Final Words by William schantz

With these actionable tips by William schantz on developing a bond with the mentee, you are sure to be able to do a great job with it. Using your time productively as a retiree can be extremely rewarding.