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How To Attract More Customers to Your Business As Per William Schantz

How To Attract More Customers to Your Business As Per William Schantz

According to William Schantz, multiple ways to generate leads can boost your business; you just need to create the right marketing strategies. Gone are the days when people got hooked on the old ways of brochures, cold calling, and emails. William Schantz says the challenge of generating online leads is increasing daily. It can be tiresome and nerve-wracking to write an email but then just wait for prospective customers to reply in any manner. Let’s admit it: only 50% of your target market is aware of your product, and the remaining 50% don’t think you can succeed.

Here learn how to use social media influence and SEO to generate more leads that will actually attract the right audience by William Schantz.

Ways To Create More Customers for Your Business: According to William Schantz

Advertising On Social Media

Social media advertisements are the most effective technique to spread awareness of your goods among numerous consumers. Don’t forget to include a subscriber tab so that everyone interested knows where to click.

Conduct Competitions on Social Media

Who doesn’t enjoy free things? Posting giveaways is the most effective way to do this. As a result, your page will gain thousands of followers and likes, increasing its visibility.

Provide A Free Sample

The greatest approach to gathering leads is with a free trial! Let’s imagine you use automation tools to offer marketing services. There are several features in the application, some of which help you stand out from the throng. You give a preview of it to your visitors by making a limited-time offer for a portion of the program. After being fascinated, your leads will purchase your stuff.


Google has been nagging people mercilessly to employ SEO to raise the website to the top of the search results. Why is there a delay, then? Going too technical is unnecessary because SEO can be rather perplexing. For this reason, you need to enlist the aid of a specialist, like William Schantz, to assist you. Furthermore, William Schantz asks you to consider these quick recommendations for content optimization, such as employing keywords in the headers, titles, and subtitles. Include them in the introductory paragraphs, body material, and ending. Add them to the picture description and URL. Every webpage should have one main keyword that blends in naturally with the content.


Want someone to help your guests while you’re away? Have a chatbot for business websites now! It certainly beats the waiting period that potential clients experience when waiting for a response. The ability to serve visitors 24/7 is one of the best aspects of this lead generation concept. Also, customers are more likely to purchase from sites offering help and rapid response.

Planning and designing everything by oneself can be a bit difficult. Since they are more knowledgeable about visitor trends, your marketing team’s advice is necessary for all of these concepts.