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How Influencers Can Make An Impact On Businesses As Per William Schantz

How Influencers Can Make An Impact On Businesses As Per William Schantz

In recent years, influencer marketing has grown significantly. Many individuals turned to their smartphones and social media during the Covid when there was nothing to do and changed their occupations to becoming influencers. Today, we see many individuals functioning as professional influencers on social media platforms, mostly Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok, with millions of followers.

So how do these influencers actually impact the marketing of a brand or a business? Let’s check William Schantz’s opinion on this below.

Do Influencers Impact Brand Marketing? As Per William Schantz

The 21st century’s use of social media has fundamentally altered how businesses function. Social media, particularly after the epidemic, has taken over everything in this new normal, including promoting and advertising goods and services. Influencer marketing is becoming increasingly popular as a result of businesses embracing social media as their major platform for advertising.

How Do Influencers Enhance The Marketing of A Brand? As Per William Schantz

Help People Trust The Product

Influencer marketing is an improved kind of celebrity endorsement and is based on the principles of integrity and reliability. Influencers are now followed on social media because they share trustworthy and relevant material. Due to this, individuals that provide frank customer feedback quickly earn followers, as a result of which their following has grown to trust them.

Therefore, as a small entrepreneur, be prepared to hear some frank feedback if you contact influencers to advertise your product. William Schantz points out you do need to be concerned if your item is actually good and can target the correct endorser you know would’ve been intrigued by your product.

Increase Brand Recognition And Impact

Media influencers have a sizable yet quite diverse fan base. One may profit from the fact that most individuals follow influencers since they enjoy the material they produce. One may make sure that more people will see the item by paying influencers to promote it on their tweets and posts. By doing this, even though a person has never heard of your product, they are more likely to take action after coming across it on the accounts on social media of their favorite influencers.

According to William Schantz, new enterprises benefit the most from this since they require the greatest degree of brand recognition. One may reach a wider and more diversified market through a partnership with an influencer than one would alone.


Although this marketing strategy is more convenient and cost-effective, it is undoubtedly not free. Influencers operate alone and demand their own fees, which is simpler for small firms to manage in a pinch than creating staff for a whole campaign. Influencer marketing is becoming more popular, particularly since the epidemic has fully transformed the world into the modern age. If you run a business, follow William Schantz’s suggestion and spend money on digital advertising to expand your exposure and offer your company a quick boost.

We hope these strategies will help you choose to use influencers for marketing the brand.