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Can You Mentor Others as a Retire by William Schantz

Mentoring Others as a Retire

When you are in a certain age bracket, you have gained ample experience, which means you can now mentor others. There are a lot of younger people who are looking for experienced people to mentor them. If you want to do something productive after you retire, it is a great idea to mentor others. This guide takes William Schantz through a few crucial tips to help you become a great mentor.

Tips to Mentor Others by William Schantz

So how can you effectively mentor others? Here are a few valuable tips that can help.

1.     Ask Questions

The first step to mentoring someone is to get to know them and what they want out of life. So, start by asking questions. These can be detailed ones to help you understand more about other people. Remember that you are just guiding them in a way that allows them to understand better where they are headed. The goal is not to make them dependent on you in any way.

2.     Set Expectations

They are also looking up to you for things. So it is vital that they also get to know who you are. So this makes it all the more important to set expectations at the very start. Remember that the aim is to make this relationship last for quite some time. For this, the mentee needs to know what you will be giving them to understand whether they are ready for this type of commitment.

3.     Take Genuine Interest

Your mentee should know that you are genuinely interested in their progress. William Schantz feels that they will only work towards things a certain way with you when they know that you genuinely think about things in their favor. That is the only way they would want to work with you.

4.     Tell Stories

You need to make them interested in what you are saying for them to continue working with you. It is a great idea to tell them stories. This can be a great way of connecting and help you show a vulnerable side of yourself, which works very well when developing that bond with you.

5.     Build Trust

If you want this relationship to be long-term, then you need to focus on building trust. How can you do that? First, you focus on telling the utmost truth. You need to be vocal that what they tell you goes nowhere from you. It will take some time, but when this trust level is built, it helps you work towards things much better.

6.     Share Your Journey

While they are sharing snippets of their life with you, it is also a wise idea to share your journey with them. William Schantz says this works wonders when developing that bond of trust over time.

Final Words by William Schantz

With these actionable tips by William Schantz on mentoring, you are sure to do a great job with your mentee. This can surely be a very fulfilling journey for you!