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Bill Schantz’s Post Covid Startup Ideas In The US

Bill Schantz's Post Covid Startup Ideas In The US

The pandemic has affected the world in many ways, and the most it has affected is the business world and economy. The Covid not only is the reason for high inflation these days, but also it is responsible for changing the workforce dynamics; the most popular and vastly adapted across the US and the rest of the world is remote working.

This shift has made every choice and business idea questionable, whether any traditional in-person business will hold and spread its roots for the long term or not. Bill Schantz believes many innovative startup ideas are now viable, and the business owners will have more opportunities to stay in the market.

To aid entrepreneurs, here are some innovative and creative ideas that can be risky but have a chance of making a high profit in the long run.

List of Startup Ideas to Pursue Post Covid: By Bill Schantz

Handmade Crafts

The first idea for a startup that is easy and requires less investment is producing handmade organic products, such as soaps, creams, woodwork, clothes, accessories and jewelry.

According to the trend seen in recent months, people are more inclined toward supporting small, local businesses instead of buying things from high-end brands.

Products And Services For Pets

After the pandemic, a boost in pet culture was seen as well; many people who were depressed due to the never-ending situation and a sudden stillness after the Covid wave adopted pets to keep them from feeling lonely.

This new dynamic can be utilized and created into a business opportunity as people seek services like training, cleaning products, toys, and houses for their little furry friends.

Delivery Service

Bill Schantz believes there will not be enough delivery services or errand running services in the US. There is still a huge chance to make a mark in this division and earn. People are now not keen on doing groceries on their own and tend to rely on online services. Social distancing has impacted the consumer’s mentality, and they now tend to stay at home and practice the pandemic lifestyle.

Interior Designing

After Covid, people are sick of seeing the same nook and corner of their houses, so this is the perfect time to start a redesigning business. This is a booming business opportunity, from adding a pergola or deck to the backyard to remodeling the house and the basement to make space for recreational purposes.

Virtual Consultations

The next startup idea on Bill Schantz’s list is virtual consultation; whether you are an educationist or an investment manager, giving out advice and getting paid at home in your comfortable PJs sounds like a dream job. Furthermore, the consumers also love the contactless and hassle-free advice that does not cost them fuel expenses or set a day for it.

Concluding Bill Schantz’s Ideas

There are many other startup ideas as well, but according to Bill Schantz, the ones mentioned above carry the least risk factor.