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Bill Schantz’s List of Responsibilities of the HR department

Bill Schantz's List of Responsibilities of the HR department

The HR or the Human Resource department is a body in your office which is completely responsible for every employee’s growth, from hiring to firing; this team monitors your role and takes care of your problems and needs in an organization.

Bill Schantz believes it to be an important role that challenges and strengthens a person and not only polishes their managerial skills but also induces great communication skills and allows them to understand the nature of the workforce.

If you are in the HR department or studying to pursue it as a profession, one skill you will acquire that would assist you for life is the ability to read the room and understand the other person with their responses and expressions, and really evaluate any employee.

However, most people take HR for granted and do not understand why there is a whole team solely to ensure employees are working to their full potential. Bill Schantz here will explain the responsibilities of the HR department and why they are considered important in mega organizations and new startups.

HR Department Responsibilities-Explained By Bill Schantz

Hiring Process According to Bill Schantz

The first and foremost duty of the HR team is to recruit staff, now, this may sound like an easy task as most people only see an ad put up by the team, and then potential candidates start to show up. Well, this is not the whole picture; a lot of research, consultations, and market surveys are needed, and that too under a budget.

Setting up recruitment tests, interviews, advertising in the right places, and ensuring that the audience can grasp the hook is hectic; nevertheless, HR has to set up this system.

Integrate The Employee Into the Work Culture

The newly recruited employees are not familiar with the organization’s work culture, so it takes time for employees to settle in. HR ensures this transition is smooth and fast while trying diffuse the anxious and overwhelmed new employees.

Responsible for In-office Issues

From changing your desk to listening to your complaints and reimbursing the expenses for employees that are done under the organization’s name, HR is responsible for ensuring all these issues are handled with care. So if there is a fight or a scandal that erupts, the reporting and solving party is the HR department. It is like a courthouse of the organization.

Generates Payroll

The most important role of HR is to keep the employees’ attendance in check, be responsible for giving leaves, and generate the payroll at the end of the month. Processing payrolls is again not a job for a day only; before every payday, working hours, bonuses, reductions, taxes, and reimbursements are calculated for each employee then a payslip is generated.

Firing Employees

The HR department is supposed to have the axe in hand to cut short your future in any company. This is known to many people, and it is one of the reasons that employees are sometimes jealous of the HR department.